The Medley of Rain


Moist, fragrant, reviving, earthy wafts are rising above the ground , wrap me up completely. Devour me! The animated medley of unceasingly falling raindrops speaks joy! I open up all the windows and welcome the rain, the breeze and tiny, dawny drops. Behold the lush surroundings. Tall, erect, cavalier, dripping trees, bushes and the green, drenched grass. All dancing with extraordinary grace and in unspeakable rhythm. The delicate, drizzly breeze tickles me. I let it kiss me  without reserve and slump on the bare floor. It is one delightful, invigorating and nearly mystical experience. Nature goes into rapture and reveals its secret, ” I am complete. l am free in my joy! “. Never found anything more musical than rain. Thoughts reach a halt effortlessly with absolutely no thoughts of ceasing it. A full out silence!


* Pictures saved from Pinteres.


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