The Necessity of Disillusionment

It is advantageous to imagine the universe as a self aware system, and that we are conscious beings who experience reality as part of the universe’s way of perceiving itself. Animals and plants who have a different form of conscious awareness than humans have little difficulty perceiving the world objectively. They intuitively know what foods are safe to eat, where to find shelter, and to react appropriately in the face of danger. Humans on the other hand exist as a myriad of competing desires, clinging to their illusory belief systems and are thus largely responsible for the sad and sorry state of the planet in the present time.

The best way to restore balance to the planet and heal the wounds of humanity first and foremost, would be for its human population to begin the long and painful process of conscious disillusionment. We, as a species, need desperately to put aside our cultural conditioning and begin to see the universe objectively, as it really is, in all its terrors and joys, not just how we wish or believe it to be.

Even though the process of ridding ourselves of illusions is guaranteed to be psychologically and even physically painful, and it may seem that everything we hold dear is to be taken away from us, this process is necessary. There is no other way. We have lived as slaves to psychopaths in power for too long. We need to stand up and take back our freedom. There are more of us than there are of them, and our ignorance is their power. But we must first consciously choose to see reality as it is and the universe as a self aware system – of which we are a part – will ultimately reward us for our struggle and sacrifice.

Source : The Necessity of Disillusionment