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Symmetry is for God, not for Us

“Symmetry is only a property of dead things. Did you ever see a tree or a mountain that was symmetrical? It’s fine for buildings, but if you ever see a symmetrical human face, you will have the impression that you ought to think it beautiful, but that in fact you find it cold. The human heart likes a little disorder in its geometry, Kyria Pelagia. Look at your face in a mirror, Signorina, and you will see that one eyebrow is a little higher than the other, that the set of the lid of your left eye is such that the eye is a fraction more open than the other. It is these things that make you both attractive and beautiful, whereas…otherwise you would be a statue. Symmetry is for God, not for us.”

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2 thoughts on “Symmetry is for God, not for Us

    1. Yes, it is. Thanks. We overly worry about how we look. And with these quotes , passages and articles I share, my aim is to put several different perspectives to see and understand the world , that what we see everyday. There are people who thought and lived that way. 🙂

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