Some days you were the king.
Some days you were just a dispensable slave!
Slave or king is not for them to decide.
Slave or king is for you to decide.
Some days are crafted and registered forever,
Some days with memories of joy,
Some days with memories of sourness.
Joy or sourness; it is but you who should decide and craft.
Ups and down,
Smoothness and roughness,
This life gives you everything.
‘Path you lead’; let it be defined, but by you.

Some may come,

Many will leave,
But, few will stay.
You decide whom to fight with and whom to fight for.
Things ought to done, and destinies ought to be reached,
Redeem now; redeem yourself, for time is less.
Take that step, and take that journey,
For this is your life, and all ‘yours’ to live.

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