Destined To Rise


The falcon has fallen,
A sign it is.
A sign that our time has come!
A sign, that our future can be defined.

Come now, shed all your differences.
Shed those fears, and shed those doubts.
Gather now, with strength and valour.
Gather now, with courage and will.

Our looks might differ, our ways might differ too!
The language we speak and our culture are different and numerous.
But, we are one race;
The one called ‘Suppressed’.

Long now we have been suppressed
Long now we have been deceived!
Our destiny has been misled,
Silence is no-more a reply
‘The falcon has fallen’ and our chance to freedom has risen.

March with me; march with us.
March forward and march upright.
March for glory, and March for our future.
March for respect, and March towards freedom.

We need no armour,
For the enemy fears and fears our valour.
We need no weapons,
For the enemy fears, and fears our unity.

The falcon has fallen.
A sign it is.
A sign that our time has come!
A sign that our freedom can no-more be denied.

~ From the mystical land of lemuria

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