Journey – An escape from commonness


The ride is tempting and the journey is inviting,
The unfamiliar faces and the unknown roads,
The never understood language and the ever interesting rituals,
The interesting stories and the new learned lessons.
The new formed bonds and the new understood meaning
Much more awaits and waits for us!

Pack your bag, and keep it light.
Loosen your soul, and shed all heaviness.
Warm your heart; keep it open to accept ‘new’.
Hold my hand, and let’s go on a ride.
The ride is long and warrants some tiresome.
But why to fear when I am near?

We are travellers and we are bound to be so!
We are passionate and we can only be so!
Why to get lost in those routine realms?
Why not to redefine in the path of nature?
Decide and let’s take that journey.
Decide and let’s escape this mortality!

Let’s catch that train, the one that never stops.
Let’s fly that plane, the one that never lands.
Let’s travel that road, the one that never ends.
Let’s ride and ride beyond, to that new moon and the new world.
Let’s search our destiny and reach our freedom.
Let’s travel together ‘The Journey’, and the ‘Journey of life’.

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* Image: Google