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The Goddess

The Goddess

On spur of moment, all the goddesses dissolved into her

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#CleanAirBeautifulHomes with Royale Atmos

“Air pollution isn’t new to us but does it happen indoors too. Didn’t know!”

Is it possible that your home is so polluted that you feel suffocating and no activity is possible inside? Then it feels better outside to breathe in fresh air. A matter of a serious concern. Thanks doc2poet for this lovely article and bringing this issue to our awareness.


Air pollution; As I recall we learn about it as part of our primary education. If you

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remember those water cycle, solar system and types of pollution days. Air pollution isn’t new to us but does it happen indoors too. Didn’t know!

Pollution has been a hot topic over the news lately with a number of Indian cities making it to the WHO list of most polluted cities of the world. Surprisingly, Delhi isn’t the most polluted any more, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) urban air quality database released in 2016. In all, four Indian cities are among the world’s ten most polluted cities, 10 out of top 20 are also in India.

If you are already feeling lucky that your city is not on the list or because you mostly stay indoors in your home or office, you need to align some facts here.  The…

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The Race

And behold how life flows, When your dreams are still yours. Only yours.



The dead are silent but silence kills too.